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Trismoka - Gusto In Franciacorta

The realities protagonists of the territory

The Trismoka roasting company was born in 1981 on the shores of Lake Iseo from the intuition of its founder, Gino Uberti, who wanted to select and roast quality coffee.

This great passion and dedication were then passed on to his son Paolo, who built a headquarters in Paratico, where the best coffees from all over the world arrive daily, checked one by one, and roasted to be served to all the customers who decide to espouse the company philosophy: to be Coffee Artists.

Since then, the goal of Trismoka has always been to seek the continuous perfection in the cup thanks to the choice of excellent raw materials and to create a relationship with its customers, based on 3 pillars. Serving the best coffees, guaranteeing assistance, and offering daily training in the Trismoka Coffee School, making every barman a true professional and every consumer a true taster.

Since 2005 Trismoka has also created the Trismoka Challenge, a training course dedicated to all hotel schools in the area where students challenge each other with espresso, cappuccino and creative drinks. Since 2015 they have created the Milano Latte Art Challenge, a competition among the best Latte Artists in the world, and Strabar, a television program dedicated to all the bartenders of Brescia.

For Trismoka being a coffee artist also means betting on sustainability, studying and launching the first compostable and biodegradable capsules compatible with Nespresso, a coffee that loves nature while maintaining its peculiar note.

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