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Villa Franciacorta - Gusto In Franciacorta

The realities protagonists of the territory

The historical winery Villa Franciacorta is located in the city of Monticelli Brusati, in the heart of Borgo Villa, dating back to 1500. Starting in 1960, the Bianchi family began the restoration works of the medieval village, which, during the last decades, went back to its original beauty.

The enlargement of the underground cellar, the recovery of the evocative manor house, the renovation of the two rural houses, which today are home to the enchanting Villa Gradoni Charme & Nature, make Villa one of the most important and interesting realities in Franciacorta.

Since 1978 the production of Franciacorta Millesimati from the estate’s grapes and the use of autochthonous yeasts characterize the philosophy oh the Bianchi family and Villa Franciacorta winery, which has always believed in the importance of controlling the whole production process.

Here you can experience a unique journey into the soul of Franciacorta, which goes through the different periods of construction of the cellars. From the modern vinification room of Franciacorta bases, in a journey back in time, we move to the sparkling wine and refinement galleries adjacent to the rooms of the sixteenth century. Kept in a “religious” silence and in almost total darkness, bottles are arranged first in piles and then in pupitres, to be turned by hand, according to the ancient tradion of remuage.

Villa Franciacorta estate spreads over 100 hectares (750 acres) near Monticelli Brusati, 38 planted with vines. In addition, new acquisitions have been Martinello estate, whose lands are exclusively dedicated to Pinot Noir, and other plots in Gussago, for 42.5 hectares of vineyards. The soil analysis highlighted the marine origin of these soils, which give acidity and minerality to the grapes.

Respect for nature, traditions, and quality are the pillars that characterize the company’s choices and production. The use of organic and natural substances for the vineyard management, the ISO 14001 environmental certification of production, the care and respect for the surrounding environment, and the restoration of the old village are concrete examples of sustainable development brought as a case history by the University of Cambridge.

Enhancing the great potential of this unique terroir is the philosophy that animates every choice made by Villa Franciacorta, aimed at improving its territorial identity and always striving for excellence.

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