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Associates - Gusto In Franciacorta

The realities protagonists of the territory


Trismoka was born in 1981 on the shores of Lake Iseo from the intuition of its founder, Gino Uberti, who wanted to select and roast quality coffee.

Villa Franciacorta

The history of the Villa Franciacorta winery is located in the town of Monticelli Brusati, in the heart of Borgo Villa, dating back to 1500.

Curtense Brewery

Since 1998 Curtense Brewery has been synonymous with a passion for quality beer; the brewery was born to transform the passion for beer into a concrete project.

Logo ENS

Ente Nazionale Sordi - ONLUS APS
Brescia Provincial Section

The ENS Onlus is the national non-profit organization in charge of the protection and assistance of deaf people in Italy and an Association of social promotion included in the relevant national register by decree of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies of 10.10.2002. The mission of the ENS is the integration of deaf people into society and the promotion of their growth, autonomy, and human fulfillment.

Cup of coffee glasses of red wine mug of beer